Director's message

In line with the National Policy regarding devolution of powers to the Urban Local Bodies, the State Government had enacted the J&K Municipal Act 2000 and J&K Municipal Corporation Act 2000. The election to these local bodies was, however, held only this year. By now, most of the elected institutions of Urban Local Bodies are functional.

The Good Governance in the Urban Local Bodies involves increased participation of the citizens, greater accountability and transparency in the operation of these bodies. In line with the transparency in the operation of these bodies. In line with the national policy, the State Government has agreed to initiate a programme of reforms in the Municipal Bodies to achieve these objectives. These reform measures would include steps to raise resources by the municipal bodies and to strengthen the accountability systems in these bodies.

The launching of the WEBSITE of the Directorate of Local Bodies is aimed at playing an important role in the reform process. The Website, in due course of time, will host the details of programmes undertaken in the municipalities along with relevant details with regard to the cost of works and other services provided by the municipalities. In addition, there would be a mechanism for the eliciting views and grievances of the citizens with regard to the functioning of the municipalities. It is hoped that these measures would bring about a greater participation of the citizens in the working of the Urban Local Bodies. In an age where information technology has become part of our daily life, it is hoped that the public at large will make full use of the facility being provided through the WEBSITE.

I wish the department of Local Bodies Kashmir all success in this initiative.